Men's Breakfast

Hey City Light Men!

We want to invite you to an all-church men's breakfast. Saturday, November 23rd, we will be meeting in Gardena at 9 AM, for a time of food and fellowship.

You are welcome to invite friends and coworkers that may enjoy the time with us.

For more info,

RSVP to let us know you are coming!


Thanksgiving Sunday

Join us Sunday, November 24th for Thanksgiving Sunday. We will enjoy bagels, muffins, Specialty coffee creamers, Hot Chocolate and more.

Also, we are going to have a special potluck holiday dessert table where you can bring your favorite holiday dessert or drink for all of us to enjoy!

So, Invite a friend or neighbor to celebrate Thanksgiving with City Light!

If you would like to bring a dessert or drink, let us know what you are bringing here.



Sunday Seminar Series: Faith & Politics

Sunday seminars are monthly studies led by Pastor Dennis on important and relevant subjects in the Christian life. Next Sunday, November 17th, Pastor Dennis will be talking about faith and politics.

*What does the Bible have to say about how we view the government?
*Are Christians to be apolitical, deeply embedded in politics or something else all together?

Our Sunday Seminars are meant to be a catalyst to deeper discussion as to how we, the Church, can be a gift to our community.

Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP top let us know you will be there, so we can prepare a lunch for you.



Operation Christmas Child

This year, we will be partnering with Operation Christmas Child to send gifts to children around the world. Operation Christmas Child not only sends gifts to children but also sends evangelistic tools that teach the kids about the message of Jesus. It is an incredible opportunity to partner with an organization that has sent over 100 million boxes worldwide.  

So, how can you help?

#1 You can bring gifts for the kids to City Light. We are receiving gifts through Sunday, November 24th. We are bringing gifts for kids age 2-14. For gift ideas, check out this link...

#2 You can also donate financially to help ship the gifts. Each gift box costs $9 to ship. Our plan is to fill 20 boxes, but we have a chance to send as many as 50! To donate towards Operation Christmas Child, you can give via check in the offering on Sunday. Just designate on your check that your gift is for Operation Christmas Child.

You can also give online here and designate your gift to the fund "Operation Christmas Child".

When you bring your gifts, you do not need to pack them in boxes. We will handle all of that. On Sunday, November 24th, Our kids will be packaging all the gifts to prepare them for shipping.


Read Through The Bible

City Light is reading through the Bible in 2019! You can join us, its never too late to start. To get started, email and he will send you all the details.


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Community @ City Light

Community Groups are a way to meet the church at large in a smaller setting. There are multiple community groups that meet weekly that you can choose from, including one for those that are investigating Christianity for the first time. Community Groups cover different topical items, Sunday sermons, prayer, and fellowship.

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