Tuesday Night Live at the URM

Every other month our church leads a worship service at Union Rescue Mission. Join us at 545 S. San Pedro St. in DTLA, on Tuesday, November 27th at 7pm. 

We would love for you to join us. We will have teaching, worship and a time of prayer with the URM residents.

For those interested in joining us for Tuesday Night Live, please park in Union Rescue Mission's parking lot located on San Pedro next to their front entrance. The parking lot slopes down to its entrance. At the gate, please call the security booth at  213-347-6315  and let them know you are a volunteer for Tuesday Night Live. After parking, take the elevator up to the ground floor. The front desk will guide you to the sanctuary.


Adult Sunday School: Church Leadership

In two weeks, starting Sunday November 25th, our church will begin a new series of studies on Church Leadership. Our church is in the process of identifying and training elders and deacons. These studies are an important step for our entire church to learn about offices in the church so that we can effectively elect Spirit filled leaders for our church.

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Thanksgiving Sunday

Join us Sunday, November 18th for Thanksgiving Sunday. We will enjoy some fun fall treats. Einstein Bagel bar, Specialty coffee creamers, Hot Chocolate and more. Invite a friend or neighbor to celebrate Thanksgiving with City Light!


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Community @ City Light

Community Groups are a way to meet the church at large in a smaller setting. There are multiple community groups that meet weekly that you can choose from, including one for those that are investigating Christianity for the first time. Community Groups cover different topical items, Sunday sermons, prayer, and fellowship.

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